Failed Back Surgery

Human spine in x-ray, on gray background. The lumbar spine is highlighted by red colour.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, and have previously had back surgery, you may be a candidate for failed back surgery treatment. Renu Medical & Weight Loss offers failed back surgery treatment, using non-invasive treatments that help patients manage pain, and achieve a higher quality of life. Symptoms of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome include chronic leg pain, chronic back pain, joint instability, muscle weakness, and sometimes even a return of symptoms the surgery was meant to alleviate. Because back surgery is often used as a last resort for those suffering chronic back pain, symptoms of failed back surgery can be particularly devastating. At Renu Medical & Weight Loss, non-invasive medical procedures are used to treat Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, in order to provide patients with pain management techniques that are natural, non-invasive, and drug free.

Chronic pain management is offered at Renu Medical & Weight Loss, using customized treatment plans to address each unique patient. We work to alleviate pain and symptoms of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome in a non-invasive way, using treatments like physical rehab, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, regenerative stem cell therapy and PRP. By using these non-invasive therapies, we’re able to help not just with failed back surgery treatment, but with a number of other medical concerns as well.