Auto Accidents

Man feeling bad after one car crash accident

At Renu Medical & Weight Loss, we know that auto accidents can be extremely traumatic. In the ensuing chaos, related injuries can easily be missed by emergency personnel at the scene and even in the emergency room. Often, car accident injury symptoms are not immediately apparent, and sometimes don’t surface for days or even weeks after the initial event. We are able to treat auto accident victims using non-invasive, physical medicine treatments at our facilities.

It is important to seek treatment for any physical symptoms that may manifest after an auto accident, possibly indicating an undiagnosed injury. Symptoms may include muscle spasms, strain and stiffness, neck and back pain, and could result in chronic pain if left untreated. Car accident injury can be accurately addressed and effectively treated by our experts Renu Medical & Weight Loss.

For treating auto accident injuries, you can trust Renu Medical & Weight Loss with our non-invasive medical procedures to alleviate pain and promote wellness. If you’re hurt, don’t be troubled by car accident injury, because Renu Medical & Weight Loss can help.